behind bobble
meet Karim. One of the most prolific designers of his generation, he’s vibrant, innovative and just so happens to be the designer of the original bobble along with a number of other bobble products. In Karim’s view, “The brilliance of bobble is that it is totally universal, meeting global consumer needs – staying hydrated, saving money and the planet, and great design.”
smart engineering
bobble knows innovation, as design entrepreneurs and creative connoisseurs we craft products that reduce waste and look good doing it. bobble’s portable carbon filter for the Classic, Infuse and Sport along with the micro filter in the Presse, literally, have been signature milestones, setting standards for what filtration on-the-go really means.
tech and design meet bobble
stylish design
we believe that function and style doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition, but rather, can be beautifully intertwined. at bobble, our thoughtfully designed products fit seamlessly into your life, reduce waste, and look good while doing it.